"I find it wrong to say life is terrible or life sucks. It actually doesn’t. There are so many things this world has to offer. Maybe you just haven’t yet opened up and taken a look at them. Everyone has problems and nobody is perfect so no one will ever get rid of all their problems. But you WILL be able to have fun and enjoy some moments if you just try to be as optimistic as possible. It’s even healthy for you. This is for all the people that feel like they are going through hell. Not all your problems are your fault. And even if some are, you have to accept the fact that everybody makes mistakes, big and small and it’s up to you to have the motivation to not let it happen again. It upsets me to hear about people harming themselves and having suicidal thoughts. It’s not worth it. Society is harsh and cruel and nobody can ever please everyone so might as well just be yourself. Stay positive. You can make it. There are so many things that can make you happy. Just take a chance on life. Life is beautiful, and so are you.”

saw this somewhere and I felt like it should be read.